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I Finally Earned My Bachelor Degree in Literature

Posted on the 20 August 2014 by Arwinkim
There is nothing I am grateful for but my graduation day on June 25 in Baruga Pettarani at Hasanuddin University this year. Yes, after I spent over 6 years, finally I had right to add academic degree after my name that is S.S (Sarjana Sastra) or Bachelor of Literature.
In my graduation day, my mother and brothers come, but my father didn't because he had to keep our house at village. Do I forget his chicken?
I am proud and happy with my academic achievement, yet I have to admit that I also feel sad that I needed a long time to accomplish it. Over six years! It’s not because I was very lazy to drag my ass to the campus or I couldn’t move my hands to finish my assessment. This is because of my thesis and a serious problem with my first thesis advisor.
Well, I don’t want to recall it after all. Most importantly, I have finished my study this year and the only thing I have to do is to do stuff to get my bachelor certificate by next month and get well-prepared to find a good job. Speaking of a good job, I really want to pursue a career in banking. Yes banking! It doesn’t relate to my study, right? I know, but there are several banks in Indonesia that accept those who don’t possess academic degree in finance.
For strengthening my chance to work in banking, I have signed up a short coursework that provide practical knowledge in banking that is Finance Administration last two weeks in this city. The course offered two packages, which are manual accounting and computer-based accounting. Each package requires one month of study. However, I only chose manual accounting, because I didn’t want to take a long time considering that I had to work as soon as possible.

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