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I Got Married Back in November and Had the BEST Time! Whe...

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Scarffaces @scarfffaces
I got married back in November and had the BEST time! When I woke up it was snowing for the first time of the year!! It was so incredibly beautiful. A town car was supposed to pick me up but I looked out my window and there was a Hummer Limo!! haha so obnoxious but they said it's because of the snow, so I jumped in and we wound around the small one way streets of my neighbourhood picking up the bridesmaids on the way.

I also decided to get some disposable cameras after my friend convinced me to. I still have 2 disposable cameras that I need to get developed. I wasn't sure if I would do the disposables as I had read online that it's not worth it; expensive to develop and people take shitty photos. But actually they all turned out pretty well! I would just say to only get 3 cameras instead of 10... many were not used or had one or two photos taken. 

I got married back in November and had the BEST time! Whe...

Also while doing my wedding research I tried to figure out what venue would be the best for us. It was difficult!! There aren't many websites that have a list of ALL venues with the pros and cons, so I'll just tell you my experience. 

We went with Hart House because it was $10,000 cheaper than anywhere else we looked (we were considering mostly art gallery type spaces where we would have had to bring everything in). The down side for us was that we had to be out of there by 1:00am rather than 2 or 3am, so we had an after party for the latenighters. We did stations instead of a sitdown dinner so we saved a lot of money and it was more relaxed. Hart House comes with a wedding coordinator who helped us decide how much and what to get although we did end up having WAYYY too much food, and we weren't able to take any of it home. Also on the day of our wedding our wedding coordinator was having a meeting with another couple even though she told us she would be free for when we arrived, which was stressful because we still had a few things that needed to be taken care of. I would highly recommend Hart House because of the beautiful location and the price but just don't count on having a wedding coordinator - make sure that you have someone there with you (bridesmaid, friend) who knows how everything is supposed to go on the day so you don't have to worry about it. 

I got married back in November and had the BEST time! Whe...

Our friend Karen of kids of the wood is an amazingly talented photographer who took our wedding photos! I generally hate cheesy wedding photos so it was nice to have a friend taking the shots. Also it was freezing outside. 

My flower crown and all of the floral arrangements were from Coriander Girl who worked with me to come up with something that was both affordable and beautiful. More photos of that to come.
My hair and makeup were done by Emily Sara Pike who was so nice and down to earth, it's important to have cool peeps around on your wedding day!!
OK so there you have it! I hope that someone considering Toronto wedding venues will stumble upon this because it definitely would have been helpful to me when I was looking :)

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