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I Moved to a New Domain!

Posted on the 16 October 2015 by Genzelkisses

Hi guys! I know that you might have noticed already that I moved to a new domain! I moved to a New Domain! It's one of the things that I've been working out the past few weeks. I actually purchased this domain few months ago but I just got the time to finally work on it despite my hectic schedule, I also transferred to a new hosting provider, reformatted my laptop and all.. hence my absence in my blog for a week and it feels so looongg that it kills me.

I moved to a New Domain!

Anyway, for sure you have this in mind "Why did you move?". I love Genzel Kisses guys, so much! I've been known for this blog and some people would even call me Gen-zel Kisses instead of my name, Gen-zel haha. However, I think I'm getting old and it doesn't really fit my age and my taste anymore, though I'm still that sweet tooth girl you knew.

I have Gen-zel Makeup, then just recently renamed my music page to Gen-zel Music, so I think I will stick to my name, Gen-zel. I'm also exploring different things lately and working on a possible own brand soon (in God's grace).

I never thought moving to a new domain and maintaining the old links will give me too much tasks to do. It's no joke! I have long turned my back from programming and other IT related stuff and I would like to thank my boyfriend and Deann for helping me out! If you're looking for a reliable web developer, I highly recommend Deann! I've known her for years and I'm a fan of her work. You can visit her blog at and send her an inquiry if you want a blog makeover. So timing for 2016 right?

By the way, this layout is just temporary. I bought it from a theme shop but my personalized layout is on its way courtesy of the most supportive boyfriend in the planet, haha! My new logo is handwritten by my lovely friend Ana Marie, check out her #TypeByAA over on Instagram @msanaalina 😉

That's it! Let me now what you think of my new domain, layout, and all! If you have any questions regarding technical stuff on how I moved everything, let me know and I'll do my very best to help you.

PS. Don't forget my new domain, it has a "hyphen" or "dash" 😀!

I'm so happy and I can finally update my blog! Wee!


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