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In Flight Indulgences

Posted on the 28 October 2011 by Mummysspace @mmeeee
We are in flight, Ben is snoozing, hubby is watching a movie on his iPad and I'm blogging whilst listening to my tunes and drinking a Starbucks espresso (Starbucks = big win for easy Jet in my mind) . This four hour plus flight will have been the longest I have sat down in one place since well, I can't remember when. The great thing is there is no guilt about sitting down indulging in music and writing either, especially while Ben is asleep - ahhhh!
I have to say I love flying, there is something about looking out the window of the plane and seeing beautiful fluffy cotton wool clouds and the blueness of the sky above them - it makes me drift off and with that I leave you these pictures..
In Flight IndulgencesIn Flight IndulgencesIn Flight IndulgencesIn Flight Indulgences

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