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Indian Mythological Stories Revisiting In Modern World: Poetry

Posted on the 12 May 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

A supreme voice commands me to revisit Indian Mythological Stories

and draw out my own meanings and conclusions

taking into mind the current times and modern world lifestyles

There were several doors in front of me

And I had to decide which door I enter first

And accordingly, ask for the respective key from the supreme wisdom

The first door that drew my attention had “Ramayana” written over it

And thus I decided to this of the many Indian Mythological Stories

read and understood so many times in my childhood and

a number of times thereafter.

And everytime you read any of the Indian Mythological Stories

you draw out a different meaning out of it.

In fact, it all depends on time.

I asked for the key to the door inscribed Ramayana

that I got immediately.

I turned the key and stepped in. What I saw
was an altogether different set of meanings.

Ram was a symbol of light and Ravan was a symbol of Dark

But both have their own importance in today’s life.

Gone are the times when you can live as Ram and

suffer so much happily.

As a matter of fact, in today’s world

we all are a combination of light and dark.

Only thing is the ratio varies in each individual

along with time, age, circumstances, and knowledge.

Ravan was no less in knowledge to anyone

in the whole universe.

Still he didn’t know his purpose to live and

a reason to exist.

Indian Mythological Stories Revisiting In Modern World: PoetryPhoto credit: nevil zaveri ( thank you for 10 million+ views : ) via Visual hunt / CC BY

Indian Mythological Stories

In fact, acquiring knowledge and wisdom is something

But knowing our purpose to live and a reason to exist

is equally important.

Rather, it makes more sense in today’s time.

Though there are many Indian Mythological Stories to introspect

and to learn from.

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