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Is iPhone 4 Now Obsolete?

Posted on the 19 November 2016 by Arwinkim
If you are a tech savvy and you know what you need, there is no obsolete regarding old gadget including iDevice like iPhone 4 that I am about to review because I have it. Well, honestly I can't afford latest iPhone because of its ridiculous price. Another bad news is that Apple kill off old device like iPhone 3G and iPad 2. So, never expect Apple provide iOS update for old iDevice. Per my case, iPhone 4 that I bought a week ago was sold for around $90. Fortunately, the seller claimed that this iPhone was not refurbished. Comparing to nowdays-smartphone, I have to admit that this iPhone 4 is nothing but old premium flagship of Apple. It's tiny and extremely slow. Do I forget to mention it stucks on iOS 7.1.2?
I almost overcome them all by jailbreaking it. You just simply need to use Pangu to jailbreak it and then install Cydia. I can install Youtube and even Spotify using tweaks and cracked app from Cydia. I had old iCloud account from my brother's stolen iPhone, so it's another advantage for me to install old apps that supports iOS 7.1.2 running on iPhone 4.

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