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It's the Way You Touch..

Posted on the 19 March 2011 by Penfriendly
TOUCH is an interesting....well, feeling to begin with, and concept as it has become today.
From a friend's affectionate touch in distress, to a lover's touch (you can imagine what you want to. I am not good at this!!!), to a tormenting touch....to our daily life i.e even our daily routines comprise of touches.
Basically, touch percolates down our life's bed touching evrything we do!!
It's interesting how a gesture has manifested itself today in various forms. e.g touch technology or Haptics!! It's amazing how the human mind has been able to connect the digital and the real world, thus making it more fun, all thanks to touch!!!
But, talking about us, students in colleges, ''touch'' is insanely interesting.
So, what do we do when exams are round the corner???
Chat with friends and tell them that we haven't
"touched" the books!!
And ask them, how much have they
touched the syllabus!!!
Next, when the results are to be declared, what do we pray for???
"God please, help me
touch passing marks...puhllzzzzzz".
And then, all of this's done and we're free again, what do we do??
Well, need I say??
Thinking about the hottie/handsome in the class/college(wherever) and ya some insanes certainly go mad if they get to shake hands with them or talk to them!!!
And you can define your style of touch in your way here ;)
No messing!! :)
And what about the silent conversations between people sitting in the canteen???
You got it!! Eye to eye and heart to heart-yet another touch-well, not physical. Abstract yet beautiful!!
If you have any funny "touch"ing instances , do share.
A very Happy New Year to all!!

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