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January Goals: Paleo + C25k

Posted on the 10 January 2012 by Thesecretlifeofjen

11 days in to 2012, so how is it going?  Although I am not big on the new year resolutions, after finishing my degree in December, and with our wedding coming up in September – It’s great timing to make some life changes  :)

I decided that this year, it is finally time to get my nutrition in check.  Years of uni-related poor eating habits > I am definitely ready for good healthy eating habits.  And so, Mr. J and I decided to try the Paleo idea.  I guess that we are looking at doing it seriously for a month, and then re-evaluating (to see if it’s all worth the hype!).

Over the past 10 days I feel like my attempt at the ‘paleo lifestyle’ has been going well.  Minus about 3 meals and a few/several glasses of wine, I am going strong(!)  I have completely cut white carbs, and I think I am actually starting to feel better for it.   I definitely feel less bloated, but I still feel sluggish and tired, which may have more to do with life stress  ;)

In terms of exercise, I am still not 100% sure where I want to take my fitness this year.  I dabbled with many routines in 2011, gym classes, yoga, 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30, p90x, c25k etc.

For the mean time, I am attempting to give c25k a solid chance.  4 runs completed so far!  It has been hard, I didn’t realize how much my cardiovascular fitness had dropped last year while doing p90x.  I am doing the runs with Mr. J, and I hope that he will continue to motivate me to keep it up  :)   I know that I should incorporate some weight training soon, but I am wary of exercising too much, which I think explained the lack of weight loss last year.  So perhaps cardio for January, beginning to incorporate some weights in Feburary… perhaps!  Yup, I am pretty indecisive at this point!


The good news is … ladies and gentlemen … drum roll please (!!)  Ha!

I have lost 1.1kg since January 1st!

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