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January Goals Update and Weigh In!

Posted on the 22 January 2012 by Thesecretlifeofjen

23 days into January, 2012, and … Yup, I have been MIA – lots of wedding goodness going on last week!  It’s certainly starting to feel more real, because of one big factor!  I will update the wedding side of things soon  :)

January is just flying past, and I have been to and from Sydney three times already, two birthdays and wedding stuff.  Plus, I guess I should call this time, a holiday(?).  Or perhaps, (after finishing my masters December ’11), I can no longer call myself a student, and *cue scary music* I am simply unemployed(!)

Anyway, with all the trips to Sydney, my nutrion/exercise habits haven’t completely run with the plan, which in a nutshell was paleo and c25k (at least for now).

Paleo is certainly a love/hate relationship.  I am loving the results, but I never realised that gluten is in virtually everything.  It is 100% not a problem eating at home, but eating out – lunch especially, is difficult.  Mr. J finds the restrictions particularly annoying.  We said that we would give the paleo concept at least a month, but I am hoping (listen up Mr. J!) that we continue well into February.  I have read recommendations of at least six month trials, so the longer we continue, the better chance we have of seeing real results with paleo.

Onto the exercise(!)  Thanks to Couch to 5k, my cardio health is definitely improving.  After feeling like I would die/pass out on the first few runs, I am definitely running for longer each run, and no failures so far.  I start week 4 this week, and those 5 minute block runs do scare me a little bit!  But I have faith in the program, so will give it my best.  8 runs so far, in one month, which is certainly a record for me!

January Goals Update and Weigh In!
So, with all this perseverence (with admittedly a few hiccups here and there), where am I at?  For my last weigh in, read about it here.   I am planning on waiting out the month to take my measurements, but I am excited though!  Which is a nice feeling  :)
Ok, here goes >>

I have lost 2.2kg since January 1st!

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