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January Review: Paleo + C25k; Continued…

Posted on the 02 February 2012 by Thesecretlifeofjen

I could blab on all day about my January results, want to check them out again? … But what about Mr. J?

Mr. J, my silent partner in our fitness/health/paleo/running adventures, has also been going strong over the past month.

In terms of paleo, he isn’t loving it.  Funny, I thought he wouldn’t care too much about food routine, chicken, beef, chicken, lamb, chicken! ;)   But after a month, the simple notion of restriction does bother him [So I will make an effort to vary our dinners at least :) and introducing tuna for lunch!].

One major positive of paleo, Mr. J has managed to push through the c25k runs with me; with virtually zero pain (nagging knee injury).  We have read alot about the benefits of a paleo/gluten free diet, > less inflammation < which can definitely provide an explanation for the limited pain he’s been experiencing.  [Last year we gave c25k a trial, but he didn't last long.  And now we're up to week 5!].

So any guys out there considering paleo… his results are pretty convincing!

Mr. J has lost 4.2kgs since January 1st, down 3.1% body fat!

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