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Journey of Lust and Taste – My Junk Food Passion Memoir

Posted on the 23 September 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

The journey started a long back. This was the journey of lust and taste. I never tried to analyze whether the journey was good or bad, whether I was going in right direction or wrong, whether the destination of this journey is what I dream of. In fact, I doubt if I was clear about the destination at all. Otherwise, I would have never taken this path, had I been clear about the beautifully delicious journey and devastating destination. This is about my junk food journey.

I started junk food long back for various reasons. Being a nuclear family and both the parents working, I had fewer options for having proper food. That is the primary reason, primarily, that I started liking fast food just to throw any kind of quick stuff just to fill my appetite. How filling it was I never realized and tried to ascertain at that age? How good or bad this junk food was for my health, I never tried to think. Probably I started liking junk food much prior to that maturity level where a kid becomes conscious about his health and starts assessing his intake of proper and essential nutrients.

I literally feel at this stage if there was someone around me to guide me. Someone who could make me realize what I was craving for, that too for a very wrong reason. At times, wrong actions might go resulting in a good ending but not often. This was a wrong decision I had taken and I realized it very late.

Junk Food Can Create Serious Health Concerns

It was so late for me to understand the wrong path taken and traveled a long distance. It was when I was at a path gaining weight. As a matter of fact, it was like all of a sudden and at a very fast pace. It was sufficient enough to worry my parents. Gradually there was a serious need to consult our family doctor. While gaining weight I could feel my stamina and vigor deteriorating. In fact, my body size was going weird proportions. This was more than enough to surprise doctor while I was entering his cabin. In fact, firstly he was not able to see both my parents entering behind me in his room because of my huge size.

Journey of Lust and Taste – My Junk Food Passion MemoirPhoto via VisualHunt

I was appearing very funny while sitting on a small round steel stool meant for patients. I was like an elephant sitting on a thin and long stool that is even invisible due to the size of the elephant. It was, in fact, shocking for the doctor upon knowing about my passion for junky pizzas, momos, ice creams, chocolates, samosas, white bread etc.

Excessive Junk Food is Like Poison To Body

After examining me thoroughly, my doctor was in a shocking state for a moment. I had a final warning from the doctor.  In a moment I  could understand that next byte of any kind of junk food would be a big threat to my life. He also suggested me a nectar to save my life. That day and this day, I never touch any kind of junk food. And follow my doctor’s instructions strictly and thoroughly. My body weight has come to normal gradually. I am quite healthy and active now. And the greatest point to note is that all this is because of changing my eating patterns and habits. In fact, without compromising with my intake. It means I don’t force my body for dieting. I still eat a lot but in a healthy manner.

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