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Keepin' It Old-School

Posted on the 13 June 2012 by Janedoemartini @janedoemartini
I really didn't want to open up about this past weekend because well...it would mean being somewhat vulnerable which is risky in the blogging world. But I need an outlet somehow. 
Last week, my grandmother got a call that my great aunt had passed away. Granted, the family lives in another state and we all see each other for special occasions. But yet, another member of my grandparents' beloved family circle has passed on and honestly, what saddens me is that members of "the older generation" are passing on. Let me explain further; 

Keepin' It Old-School

This beautiful painting captures it all!

I grew up living with my grandparents...when my mom and dad were working, I was always at grandma and grandpa's. My grandpa passed away when I was 3, which was a huge loss for all of us. If my grandpa was alive, I don't know what my living situation would be with my parents but I was raised by a no-nonsense, old-school European grandma. Which meant old-school generation values were instilled in me. Which meant while other girls went to Girl Scouts, I went to Croatian school. Which meant I learned the awesomeness that is burek and goodies like nutrolls and pastries. Which meant you absolutely dressed your best for Sunday mass and don't you DARE talk back or out of line unless you want a tree branch (or siba, which you had to hand pick out yourself) whipped across your bare legs or behind. Last but not least, it meant ALWAYS being home for the holidays and if you didn't, grandma wouldn't speak to you for weeks. 
Keepin' It Old-SchoolI see the way women are today and how they were raised and it was a bit different from how I was raised. I also see not just women but PEOPLE of my generation just throw out any values and traditions out the window. We live in such a drama-infused society where we have tools like cell phones, Ipads, computers and programs like Facebook and Twitter where we basically know everyone's business. There are things I read online where I ask myself "is nothing NOT sacred anymore?" and while I post about many things, personal family/friend matters won't be aired out here because you just keep things like that behind closed doors. You don't play nice in front of others and turn around and air it out to others (or heaven forbid, post about it on Facebook). You don't start rumors or start drama. You spend dinners at the table when everyone is at home and laugh and catch up. Through tough times, everyone stood together and if you see someone you didn't like, you just ignore them (and not play it out on reality tv). I am VERY grateful that my grandparents instilled in me these old-school values that seem to be dying away as members of the older generation pass on as well and it...concerns me?...not necessarily concerns but saddens me. I wonder with the way kids are being raised today if these old-school values and principles will simply become something of the history books or somehow, will they still be carried out in such a fast-faced, technology infused world? 
Anyways, I am a bit saddened that I will not make it to the services but at least my folks will. It's through this death that I'm reminded of the elders I grew up with and what they have taught me and the examples they set for me and my fellow peers. I feel like this post is somewhat jumbled all over but I had to express my thoughts somehow. Keepin' It Old-School

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