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L’Oreal Star Matte Reds Review and Swatches

Posted on the 20 September 2015 by Genzelkisses

May I ask how many red lipsticks do you have in your vanity? I actually have a lot due to my search for the right shade of red that will match my skin tone. A lipstick is a great weapon of us women to complete our everyday look. It’s amazing how a shade can totally change our look (skin tone, teeth, and vibes). There are lipsticks that make me look yellow, gray, blue, and white, same effect with my teeth so I stay away from shades that make my teeth look yellow (you now that you haven’t brushed your teeth for a decade yellow? LOL).

Filmed a video for you guys with the swatches and review! :)
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1 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - (c)

It feels great that the new L’Oreal Star Matte Reds Collection has 8 different shades of red so you’ll get the perfect red lipstick that will match your personality and skin tone. In this collection, the shades are named after the iconic Ambassadors / celebrities so you instantly have a reference in choosing your color. If you have the same skin tone as Blake Lively, then Pure Scarleto is for you. Nice right?


I’m honestly not so sure with the difference of the Pure Reds with Star Matte Reds except that, Matte Reds has 8 shades included in the collection while the former only has 7. The shade missing? Pure Ruby by Chom which is now one of my favorite red lipsticks ever!

2 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - (c)

3 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - (c)

I love that all black and gold font tube and cylinder of these lipsticks. I really appreciate the button feature in front which makes it very easy for me to pick the shades that I want to wear for the day. Shade name, code, and manufacturing date is printed at the bottom.

4 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - (c)

Shade Variation
The collection comes in 8 shades, you can wear a different red every single day depending on your mood. It ranges from light, dark, to deep reds.

Despite being matte, these lipsticks are surprisingly pigmented yet non-drying due to the matte gel technology and jojoba oil. You can rock your red lips without fear of having chapped lips by the end of the day. It doesn’t have any irritating scent too, so you guys who are fans  of non-scented makeups, please stand up!

4.1 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - (c)

Hands-down how these lipsticks stays on for 6-8 hours, depending on what I eat and drink that day. I can go no retouching the whole day with these. In case it fades, it leaves a nice tint on your lips.

6 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Amaranthe 2 - (c)

Pure Amaranthe by Gong Li
Fuschia-pink shade that can instantly make my face look brighter.
Good for: Fair – medium skin tone

8 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Brick 2 - (c)

Pure Brick by Aishwarya Rai
A warm red shade, with brown undertone. It reminds me of legit bricks used for houses, no joke. I actually like this shade. It’s going for that red shade without going too bright.
Good for: Any skin tone, perfect for Morena or dark skin

10 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Fire 2 - (c)

Pure Fire by Li Bingbing
When you say Fire, red comes to my mind however, I’m not expecting it to be in warm orange shade. Not a fan of bold orange lipsticks as they tend to make my teeth look yellow. This shade is great for summer or spring time.
Good for: Fair to medium skin, perfect for those with cool undertones

12 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Garnet 2 - (c)

Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor
My most favorite shade in this collection. If I can have just one red lipstick in my life, the this is it. I heard it’s always out of stock in most L’Oreal counters and I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s the crowd’s favorite shade! It’s a deep-red (maroonish) shade that goes well with any skin color.
Good for: Any skin tone

14 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Rouge 2 - (c)

Pure Rouge by Freida Pinto
That true Red shade that you’ll love. Based on the swatches above, it’s the most pigmented shade in the bunch. You won’t need another layer of this shade to get that red lips. I love how it makes my teeth and skin tone look brighter.
Good for: Any skin tone

16 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Ruby 2 - (c)

Pure Ruby by Chomoo Araya
The red shade that you can wear even at day time without getting too much attention. It’s a bit warmer compared to Pure rouge which I really like.
Good for: Any skin tone, perfect for medium to dark

18 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Scarleto 2 - (c)

Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively
A bright red-orange shade that will look best for fair to medium skin tones. Not much of a fan of this shade since as you can tell, it kinda make my teeth look yellow, however, I love how it brightens my face.
Good for: Fair to medium skin tone

20 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - Pure Vermeil 2 - (c)

Pure Vermeil by Fan Bingbing
Great for younger women who are still experimenting on red lipsticks. The red choral shade make you look fresh and young. It’s the lightest from the collection so I find it patchy compared to the rest but since it’s not too pronounced, it’s good for everyday wear.
Good for: All skin tone, perfect for fair women

21 Loreal Star Reds - Matte Reds Review Swatches - (c)

Overall, I’m giving this collection two-thumbs up for the great quality and beautiful shades of lipsticks. They are affordable too! I believe you can get a tube for only P400.00 in L’Oreal counters. Great news? It’s a permanent collection so no need to hoard!

Tips: For any lipstick that you’ll wear, it’s always best to condition your lips with your favorite lip balm to lock in moisture and avoid chapped lips. When wearing any bold color especially reds, I highly recommend to use a lip liner underneath. It will not only improve the longevity of your lipstick but will prevent it from bleeding and feathering as well. Go for that defined, sexy lips!

This collection is already available in all L’Oreal counters so feel free to do your own swatchfest in the counter and find your perfect red. Let me know what shades do you like in this collection too! What do you think is the best color on me?

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