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Posted on the 16 April 2013 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
This piece is about  a woman's fight within herself , who's heart has accepted being a second woman in her man's life .  She is caught up in labyrinth, neither can she bear the pain of sharing her love nor let go off him .She may not be his priority but he is the one and only one who gives her the happiness that she longed for all her life...


Who would know
The pain that she goes trough
When she watches the sunrise
Followed by a reflection
That says "You have no place in his life
He is mine , you are a fool living in a fools paradise "

Her only accomplice her tears have known
The saline waters in her eyes is behind the glow
And is mistaken for sunrise

She tried to go but the fragments of her heart don't show
Their intent to accompany few more yards
With staggering feet of her' that she calls mine

Though her soul in deep pain 
 They argued with her heart
 " If you are brave enough say good bye
life will treat you with a new welcome in life "(Paulo Cohelo)

Her conversation with her heart failed
Its content with bits and pieces of happiness
That it can gather on its way
Towards the end of journey
As it knows she has come closer than before to the pyre 
That waits to engulf her in its arms
Make her lighter than air 
Free her soul from the labyrinth of life

She looks at her scattered dreams
Who laugh mercilessly at her and make her feel
Like a twig blown with harsh wind
Smile when they watch her burn
With an infant desire
" Why couldn't she be the one and only woman in his life "
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