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Lesson Learned: Never Let a Toddler Play With Your Wallet

Posted on the 12 June 2012 by Mummysspace @mmeeee

Earlier Ben was playing with my wallet, emptying the contents out all over the floor and asking me what every item inside was. He pulled out a five pound note and said “Look Mummy fifty pounds!”, if only - every note seems to be fifty pounds to Ben for some reason. Then we got to the coins which he refers to as “money coins”, I told him the values of each which he repeated over and over again. Finally he pulled out a wad of cards and receipts which included amongst other things loyalty cards, my bank card, his library card and my credit card and he got busy organising them in rows on the floor in front of him. For some reason he really enjoys this game and I figure as long as I am nearby there is no danger of him choking on a coin or losing a card. Hmmm turns out this was not the case.
Unnoticed by me Ben had taken quite a shine to two of my cards, my bank card and credit card, and they somehow never made their way back into my wallet. It was only later when it came to paying for my groceries in the supermarket that I realised they were missing. Silly I know, I should have checked I had put them back in but I  rushed out the door, grabbed my wallet and popped it back in my bag without a second thought.
So there I was at the till with a long queue behind me, emptying the contents of my wallet and change bag in a desperate bid to find the missing cards which were clearly not there when it suddenly dawned on me what must have happened. I asked Ben where my cards were to which he replied quite matter-of-factly, “kitchen”. The people behind me in the queue must have thought I was mad, asking a two year old “Where’s Mummy’s bank cards?”. There was nothing for it but to leave, red in the face and apologising to the not-too-impressed shop assistant and the now impatient queue of people.
I headed home ready to tear the kitchen apart in a quest to find the hidden cards. Thankfully I didn’t need to, upon asking Ben again where the cards were he went to the freezer opened it, said “Ta-da!” and pointed to my two cards which were sitting on top of the ice cream. I guess he was trying to freeze my spending...

Lesson Learned: Never Let a Toddler Play With Your Wallet

Freezing Mummy's Spending

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