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Lessons of the Passing Year That Changed Me #lessonslearnt

Posted on the 13 December 2016 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Lessons of the passing year that changed me and helped Me grow

and made me a better person in some way or the other.

Not sure if they made me a better person in some way or the other

But each lesson has given my life a different taste and flow.

It was like meeting different persons for the first time in my life

Or as if discovering myself in different ways

As if finding new ‘Me’ within me.

A rude wave passing through my feet,

on a beach, moves away the sand beneath,

It moves away the sand not only beneath my feet

but also beneath my memories, that start stumbling one by one

And the returning water taking away the pieces.

When loads of memories of past unload from my mind

Making my heart and mind lighter and rejoicing.

Lesson one comes out of different lessons of the passing year.

It simply says, Never keep collecting in life because

Balancing goes away if you keep collecting without replacing.

The fresh air of wee hours of the day whispers in my ears

If you don’t enjoy your work, stop doing it.

Rather look for a change. Adapt or adopt

But do what you enjoy, else enjoy what you do.

Otherwise, you will start finding illicit ways of enjoyment

to overcome your frustrations. And you will fall pray to it, forever.

Here comes the lesson 2 of the lessons of the passing year.

Lessons of the Passing Year

Respect is never a one-way traffic. It comes back to you only

if you send it first from your end. Else reciprocate quickly when

it come to you first. But one thing is sure, it multiplies fast.

More than anyone can expect.

That is lesson number 3.

lessons of the passing yearPhoto by Internet Archive Book Images

If I am able to adhere to these 3 precious lessons of the passing year

whatever direction of life I take.

Then the 4 directions make these lessons 12.

Also, I take them with me to every month

to carry with me the wealth of lessons of the passing year

to the new year.

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