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Lifestyle Reboot Week 1

Posted on the 18 November 2014 by Felicakes @felicakes

So here is a report on week 1 of my Lifestyle Reboot.  I feel like I have not done as much as I need to but I understand that is part of the rebooting process.  To take one step at a time and do it at my own pace. I feel like my life has not slowed down since the beginning of the year! I got what I wished for so I am not complaining.  I will talk more about that closer to the new years.  

The past two weeks, since I have come back from attending an overseas wedding, I have been housesitting for my sister and we have been living out of our suitecases.  Though I love her house and she lives not far from me, some days I feel displaced and unable to sleep well, like last night.  I am just all over the place at the moment.  Thankfully, tomorrow, they come home and I will be back at my house and in my own bed. 

So on to week 1. It was all about getting into the habit of taking note of our intake and basically just start moving.  My Jawbone (similar to Fitbit) died earlier this week and I am in the process of sorting out warranty issues with their UK offices, and it's a pain ( I only had it for like 6 months!!).  So I am at lost as to how I can track my steps and sleep, amazing how you rely on devices like this.  That is not stopping me though.  I try to walk a lot and I am slowly starting to run again. 

As for food intake, I am slowly getting there.  I realised that when I am busy at work, I am not making the right choices of what I put in my mouth, and when I catch myself, I put the "junk" down and make healthier choices instead.  Noticing what I put in my mouth is actually the hardest for me.  I love food and at times, I get out of control and I know that and I know that I need to make better choices.  I know one thing that I am good at with regards to food intake, is drinking water.  I drink at least 3 litres throughout the day and I am actually proud of that. I don't drink coffee or softdrink so I know I do not get that extra intake of sugar. :)  If I feel like a lemonade (usually sprite or seven up) I would make my own in my Thermomix with whole lemons and cold water. That usually satisfy my fizzy drink cravings.  It is also a good source of vitamin C.  Win- Win. 

Lastly, monitoring my stress levels.  I don't think I did so bad this week. We were told to find a way to meditate and reflect.  I know this sounds weird, but I find a way to destress and reflect when I am driving in the car to and from work.  It's the only time I am ever alone without anyone talking to me or needing me to do something.  It's my alone time.  In my car, I can sing at the top of my lungs with my collection of boyband songs on my Spotify. I can laugh out loud while listening to comedy on podcasts and also listen to self help podcast which allows me to reflect and also provide me with tools to destress.  

I don't think I did badly this week. It maybe slow but at least it's moving forward. 


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