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Posted on the 09 February 2015 by Felicakes @felicakes


Pretty much sums up where I am in life at the moment.  Lost.  I have gone down the rabbit hole and I am slowly trying to climb back up.  I hate the feeling and I do acknowledge that it is necessary for me to grow. 

I realised my flaw from last year's plan.  I forgot to make time to sit down and do what I use to love doing.  Reading and writing on the blog and I miss it a lot.  My plan is to make time each week to sit and read, to find inspiration, and to write, hopefully to give inspiration. 

I am also hoping to journal my year this year in terms of parenting, cooking, running and in my relationship.  Last year, I concentrated on ME, this year, I will am going to make an effort to concentrate on my tiny family. I will be as honest and open as I can.  Hopefully I can look back at the end of this year and see progress. :) 

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