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Love-it Green

Posted on the 27 June 2011 by Thesecretlifeofjen

Lunch didn’t look too appetising, but it tasted good!  – usually anything green puts anyone off!  ;)
Love-it Green- Zucchini Soup, a sprinkle of cheese, with a side of multi-grain bread.  This soup is pretty simple to make – vegie stock, zucchini, salt and pepper and dill.  I didn’t have much energy last night, so just threw it in a pot, then blended.  To make it more interesting, add some onion, garlic, try some different herbs like basil.  Most soups like this add cream, but it really isn’t necessary.  And the best part – it freezes really well.  Great for lunch/dinner when in a rush.  That is if you can put up with your coworkers going “Ewwww, what’s that”…!?  Ha!

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