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Posted on the 19 March 2011 by Penfriendly
Finally, I have managed some time to write down about my great Lucknow experience.It was a stay from 19May to 31May...just enough days to pack sweet memories..:)Well this time was different as I had not been there for the past four years...full of fun and surprises...Lucknow Times
Lucknow now,at least to a person visiting after 4 years, has changed a hell lot...Not just because of bricks and mortar in the form of malls but also the look of the city...well developed and lit roads, the stone architecture to give the city a Rome type look, as they say...In the pic, one can see a combination of white and blue lights..each blue light, as thLucknow Timese facts go cost around 2,50,000Rs.Now, coming back to the malls, Dada (my elder bro) and I went to the Fun Republic the very first day, sat in a pub, had beer ;)Well, the beer tasted "yuk!!" but I got to know that it's had for the "FEELING" not for the "taste"!! Hmmmm!!!! Got it Dada:)I also ate a new type of chicken(chicken made in a different way) at Lucknow TimesKFC=Kentaki Fried Chicken...The crust was toooooo good...but inside there wasn't any masala:(...Also had Xinger burger=burger with one crisp Chicken slice..mmmmmmmmmm..yummmmm!! AWESOME!!! I had it with cheese!!!Ya okay, I'll cut down my calories from now!! :)Coming back to the house now, everyday we (Ayush=my younger bro, Dada and I) toyed with Dada's laptop, listened to his collection of amazing songs, watched movies, tv-series like The Big bang theory, South park..:)And then at night, we'd go on terrace to catch the cool breeze...believe me it was way cooler than Jaipur...One fine night, Dada and I climbed up the 4th storey of the house...terrace's the third and there's a room and a bathroom built on it. So you can call it the fourth storey...It felt soooo good and cool..above the world and peaceful....Just the yesternight, Dada and I, had had loads of chit chat on a worn out 'khaat'...God knows how it survived the both of us cz the following night, Rakesh (works for the family) who's thinner than both of us, fell on the floor while he was trying to be comfortable on the 'khaat' :)Since the house is under heavy renovation these days, 'thak thak' n 'zoooooooooo' are quite common sounds in the household. Discussions over room colours, beds etc. were a routine and are still may be..The whole experience was wonderful from going to the market with mom in the rickshaw to the windy Pulsar rides with Dada:)
Lucknow Times
One day, Dada and I had gone to a bookstore strolling. I had just casually said "yaha koi autobigraphies nahi hai kya?"Anyways, on the early morning of 1st june, when the packed bags were finally being brought downstairs, Dada came in, giving me a book saying "Try reading this......since u asked for it"...The book was The Discovery of India by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and I was like:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):):)..could just say Thank you...Thanx bro...This was the sweetest surprise and the best moment of all the twelve days. ;)

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