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Posted on the 16 April 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
  Your enigma ,am puzzled !
  Your conundrum is a riddle !
   Love the way you diddle ,
    heartless , yet a saint !
  You have your own ways ,
    Allah , is that your name ?
  Source of life ,
   The creator ,
       that's what they say !
     riddle ,
    curious , I fiddle ,
    for no reason
      my curiosity you don't dwindle !
   Nomad is my name,
        am a reckless wave ,
      in your world that's strange ,
   the world that now is estranged ,
    you move away with a shudder ,
    ignorant , as if you are naive ,
    you care not for this floundering wave ,
    your fury on this wanderer ,
  is harsher than that of a gale ,
       slow down
     told you my name ,
  hold on ,at all if you care ,
     no mercy I anticipate
   few words on my fate !

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