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Posted on the 12 August 2012 by Bridgesfolly @Bridgesfolly

‘Mericuhhh Credit: The Chive

As a Kansan, smack dab in the middle of this fine ol’ country, you’d probably expect me to run around shooting Gays while eating Mcdonalds  and sporting nothing but an American Flag as a dress. While I’m sure that would be a dream come true for some redneck assholes, I tend to sway a little more to the left. That’s not really what this post is about though, so let’s backtrack a bit.

I have finally decided to say my two cents about the Olympics. They are supposedly the most patriotic time for our country (what happened to the 4th of July?) and it has been said that to be disinterested is un-american. Fine, I decided, I’ll bite. I watched some of the gymnastics, in particular,  Gabby Douglas. She is incredibly talented and became one of the first African American woman to take home gold in individual all-around gymnastics. However, twitter wasn’t so much interested in her talent as they were her hair. Tons of people took to twitter to chastise her ‘weave’ saying that she should have gotten it done before the Olympics. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that spending her entire life training for this moment wasn’t good enough. From Gawker/Twitter:


Obviously there was a backlash and eventually people stopped giving a shit, Gabby included. Of course it wouldn’t be Americuhh if Fox News didn’t say their piece about her, this time regarding her outfit. From the Huffpost:

You know, Gabby had that great moment, and everyone was so excited, and she’s in hot pink — and that’s her prerogative,” Camerota said. Webb, who hosts a program on Sirius/XM’s “Patriot” channel, wondered, “What’s wrong with showing some pride?” He likened the uniform choice to a “kind of soft anti-American feeling that Americans can’t show their exceptionalism.” Camerota pointed out how other nations, like China, wore nationalistic colors.

What the fuck? Seriously? Who gives a flapping-flibitty-gibbet shit?! This girl has trained hard for this moment and all anyone can do is criticize the shit out of her for the most shallow bull-shit things. Even better, they have the gall to call her un-american? Please, again, refer to what I said a moment ago: this girl has been training for her entire god-damn life. If that’s not ‘patriotic’ enough for you then you deserve to have the American flag tattooed on your face and then be thrown into a pool of frenzied sharks with god-damn lasers on their head. /endrant 

Stephen Colbert probably said it more eloquently than I can, so I’ll leave you with his take on things. (unfortunately it can’t be embedded.)

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p.s. Sorry for all the cursing. I was pretty fired up while writing this.

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