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Midnight Blue

Posted on the 08 July 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
midnight blue
On that night , when the stars were indigo
And the sky was turquise
When the orb of night,
Heard every word you phrased,
While the life compassed and gauged,
Each and every expression on your face,
When the orbit of heavenly celestial,
Came to halt to say,
"Its your time ,go ahead move on, dont wail ,
He is right , he waits for your strides
in his life , trust him he wont change"
Though you said ,"I should smile ,
I shouldn't care, about the other world"
I was Amazed ,
My mind still at pace,
Curiosity still prevails,
About the indigo light ,
About the turquoise sky ,
Cant stop my mind from whisper ,
Chit chat with my soul ,
"What makes you say,
That your plight has disappeared over night ,
You are set free,
You can sail,
How can you say you heard them right ,
And Its not a hear say","
Now its for you and you
To make me believe
You are still there,
Say it over and over again,
I am your life , you yearn for me,
Like the way you did ,on that indigo night,
When the moon appeared in a different mood,
It changed its color to midnight blue,
When the life smiled ,
And whispered to Moon ,
 "Let her sail" !
copy right (c)alka narula
photo credit photobucket

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By Sophia Canfield
posted on 24 February at 07:16

Ver beautiful. Where exactly on photobucket did you find that picture?

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