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Posted on the 22 May 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
  No more I feel like a twig,
 the rift now is filled with your redolence,
 that now is my identity;
 My breath now smells of orchids !
Wait, did you say "You like enchanting my frills"
 my frills are significance of  delirium ,a state that now I live in,
 you want to know the secret behind my mystic eyes ,
 the miracle is  power driven from the ,
 mirth and joy that  I feel in your existence,
and will stay as long as am surrounded by your magic;
your wand is behind the mysterious eyes !
Do you know you came late,
yet flooded this heart with smiles
the smiles that had become now extinct;
you know ,you are now my wings
I will fly as long as you stay put , in this little life
that was close to the brim ,
and thought it was the result of my past ,
my sins!
Now dont go as long as I live
you dont know in your magical field
how I feel.
You said "I am an angel ,I live in your heart"
hold me , dont lose me in madding crowd.
with your love by my side
I am sure to thrive ,my life
you now have become my wings !
copy right(c)alka narula
photo credit photo bucket

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