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Mondays and the Snack-Monster

Posted on the 04 July 2011 by Thesecretlifeofjen

Typically, Monday’s are not particularly productive for me.  Something about being in denial about *still* being a university student?  Or perhaps wanting to stay in weekend-mode and ignore all of the work I have to do?  (which isn’t a case of ignorance is bliss by the way!).  Or maybe, I am just la-zy!  ;)

I think it is definitely compounded by the fact that I usually, well-  always, work from home Monday.  And working from home = poor working environment, to say the least(!)

Somehow I have managed to get through five and half years of university without a desk, or even an appropriate chair.  I worked from my bed on student residences, on various sofas when I moved into sharing, but it is official – we now have an ergonomical office chair(!)  – Just in time for our move into our own place :)   And so, in an attempt to be all profesh about the end of my masters degree (and get used to working from a makeshift desk), I have been setting myself up at the dining table with said chair.  But I am still using my trusty laptop, which means I have been hunching over all day, I cannot get the height right!

That, along with yoga yesterday, is making my back/shoulders/neck scream at me.  Ouchy, it burns!  Even my obliques are narky.  And I’m trying my best to ignore the fact that my butt and thighs are still sore after Saturday’s walk.  So I have quite literally sat on my butt all day today, and I cannot face going to the gym, nor doing any type of exercise really.  My body needs some repair/rest time.

Which is fine, but I really want to make a difference this month in terms of weight loss.  So that means no detours from healthy eating, and keeping my intake on the low side, to ensure a calorie deficit.  Today I really struggled with snacking, the snack monster was all consuming!  It was easier this morning, a small apple, but this afternoon, I wanted carbs.  I had another apple, and a fibre bar.  But it just wouldn’t do.  So I made one of my monster teas, which helped.

And now, before it’s time to make dinner, I shall procrastinate some more, with another suprise in the mail > Hello August Marie Claire mag  :)
Mondays and the Snack-Monster


Mondays and the Snack-Monster Mondays and the Snack-Monster

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