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Posted on the 07 May 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
                       Like a raft without an oar,
                       like a kite without a string,
                            I move I swing ,
               though you chopped all my wings ;
                         now when you say
                       that you cant believe ,
                 without an oar without my wings ,
                  without a string how do I swing ;
                            you must know
              I am a knight rider , I need no strings
                am a musketeer , I need no wings ;
                       will prove you wrong
                 that you chopped my wings ,
            will prove your thoughts are your whims ;
            when I cross the bulwark and shall walk ,
                              like a cougar
                and force you to go in deep thoughts ,
                    was  it worth giving me the pain ,
            was it worth hurting me and leaving me slain ;
              you thought you could intimidate this heart ,
                  you only gave me a reason to laugh ,
                           and made me strong ;
                            you never thought
                         like a bull on rampage
                     I shall walk and get what I want ,
                    while you think about your whims
                              and your vows
                that you wont let me reach the shore,
              let me bear sweet agony some sweet pain ,
               that makes me strong and makes me laugh ,
              for a while go back again in deep thoughts
                    think of a way  to save your face !
copyright (c)alka narula
photo credit  photobucket

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