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My First Job Interview in Astra International

Posted on the 01 December 2014 by Arwinkim

Upon a lot of job applications sent to employers to serve this country (no, not into army) after I had received my bachelor certificate, finally I have accomplished my first job interview today. I applied the position of Part Sales in Astra UD. Trucks, a company owned by PT. Astra International, Tbk that sells trucks and buses manufactured by UD. Trucks (formerly Nissan Diesel). In case you don’t know, Astra International is one of the most respected and largest conglomerate company in Indonesia. It’s a pride if I can be part of this company. Ok, read on.

Actually today, I also had psychology test schedule in PT. Finansia Multi Finance (Kredit Plus) in Rappocini to apply for Management Trainee. However, I prefer going to  Astra to Finansia Multi Finance. Why? At the bottom of my heart, I asked myself, “Do you want to eat Riba from company that gives credit to people and requires interest in return?” Although, I am not a pious Muslim, I completely realize that Riba is Haraam, I therefore should not apply for it.

I was disposed to be interviewed in Garda Oto in Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 92 Makassar. I was very late, because I arrived at the location at 9 o’clock. I saw two candidates: one wore a tie and another one just looked average-job-seeker. I was surprised, I was very late and why only two there? Is it because the vacant in the area of marketing? Yaah, you know – people in Indonesia rarely bat an eye to marketing division. They look down at it, they think the marketing people has lowest caste in company.

Three of us given a registration form that must be filled. I still recall, the form consist of very personal details questions, such as your birth place and date, address, religion, education history, work experience, until writing about our hope, ambition, weakness and strength, and what you want to achieve in the future. Furthermore, I was asked what was written in my resume. Oh yeah, I forgot. The interviewer was branch head of Astra International in Makassar. I am sorry, can’t tell you who he is. I respect his privacy. I really him because, besides interviewing me, he also has given me amazing advice about work especially for me, the fresh graduate from the oven.

There were a little chit-chats. As I recall, he came from Palangkaraya. He told me that he started her career as a sales who sold cigarettes. This proves that marketing people usually be placed in higher in company.

After the job interview finished, he told me that there would be three session of tests. First one I have accomplished, which was the interview from him. Second, psychology test and the last one is medical check-up. I would be called to join the psychology test if I passed the interview test.

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