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My Personal Review on Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL 4G LTE

Posted on the 09 April 2016 by Arwinkim
I have written a short post about losing my smartphone several days ago here. Fortunately, I just bought new one in Watampone, which is Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL 4G LTE that I ordered yesterday because the store didn't provide it. So, the store owner ordered this smartphone from other store to sell again to me. More expensive? Yes. Initially, I planned to buy it in Makassar to spend my internet plan in 4G network which is not available yet in my village. My mobile number has over free 15GB plan for 4G network, apart from other bonuses over 5GB Flash Wifi in Telkomsel. However, considering my bad health condition and unexpected fee during trip to Makassar, I decided not go. No big deal of my over free abundant 4G plan anyway.
Well, forget about my lost smartphone and let's discuss about this smartphone manufactured by Asus. I decided to buy a smartphone manufactured by this Taiwanase based tech giant instead of picking Samsung thinking of my bad experience with my Samsung smartphone that went missing. The only reasons I pointed out my finger on Zenfone, that's Asus in the top of endurance, battery life, quality, and basic features I needed the most among affordable smartphones with similar features. I need a smartphone for my needs especially for hotspot tethering and we know it requires a lot of power resources. So, is this smartphone as good as I had expected?
Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL appears very weird  and straight-forward but looks pretty cool though. The power button is placed on the top of the phone that's rather difficult to reach. Thanksfully, you can put it on standby mode by double tapping the screen. Another thing is, where the hell is the volume button? Surprsingly, it is placed under camera on the back cover. Guess what, I believe Asus wants it be practically reached by our finger tips but I don't even think it works that way.
I mistakenly thought Asus Zenfone 2 Laser has long battery life. The battery is drained so fast if I play big sized games even for about 10 minutes and watching Youtube on its native app. This smartphone get heated in matter of minutes even when you taking a picture. This reminds me of my old smartphone that run Cyanomogen for the first time that drained the battery life and got heated so fast. I am not an advanced user of Android who can figure out what actually the problem is, but I suppose its system needs to get adapted on the hardware and updated apps.

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