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My Spiritual Psychology by BK Jayasimha Driving Spiritual Purification

Posted on the 06 April 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

First hundred pages of My Spiritual Psychology by BK Jayasimha are really fascinating. I could feel the energy and learning coming out of what I was reading. For that, I would call it an enriching book. But then after 100 pages, either I loose the track. Or maybe, the book is not able to connect that well. Whatever be the case, the rest of 80 odd pages don’t gel well with my understanding or philosophy. Especially about the corporate world. Might be because the later half of the book is so heavy with the corporate philosophy that the spiritual journey takes a backtrack. But definitely, the first half of the book is good enough for anybody’s spiritual purification. It provides you ample ideas on looking at life in a different and meaningful perspective. That is why I would still recommend this book to anyone who likes to read non-fiction.

My Spiritual Psychology by BK Jayasimha Driving Spiritual Purification

My Spiritual Psychology is obviously a nice read. Maybe I need to read it again from the point of losing my track. The book lets you learn about spiritual psychology using the transformational energy of emotional intelligence in personal and professional crisis. That is what the title says. The author has also another fabulous book to his credit – The Personal ROI. Both the titles are quite innovative and different from the regular stream of books that we get these days in the market. And also, both the titles have a deep connect with every individual. Basically, it is good to learn these things that bring a lot of improvements in oneself.

My Spiritual Psychology

The context of My Spiritual Psychology revolves around author’s wife. She is diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. In fact, it brings all kind of emotions that author captures very minutely. In addition, a different set of sequences starts evolving during such a condition within the family. It also results in a stronger bonding between them. And hence, sometimes, depending on the person, such setbacks take you to a new direction of life. Bringing a transformation in your personality, lifestyle, and everything else. That is what My Spiritual Psychology is all about.

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