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My Summer Bucket List & 10 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Posted on the 14 June 2013 by Elena @croppedstories

The weather this week hasn’t been that great.  It’s been a little disappointing especially for my little one.  Since we’ve been spoiling her with daily outings since our vacation in Florida (3 weeks ago) she has now come to expect it (you know, going out I mean).   When we don’t, she walks around the house moping, whining, and asking repeatedly to be held.  She’s been extra needy and even a little cranky.  Lucky me!  I’ve been going a little crazy over here!  Don’t get me wrong, I feel for her and completely understand but, Mama just needs a break already!  Is it Friday yet?  Oh wait, it is!  Thank heavens!

At least something good has come out of it.  Spending all this time indoors that is.  I’ve been able to think about all the things I’d like to do this Summer when the weather finally gets warm enough and the sun feels like making an appearance.  I put together my first ever SUMMER BUCKET LIST and I am taking it quite seriously.  I’m hoping to do everything on the list but who knows how realistic that is. I don’t know.  What do you think?  Do you think I can do it?



Summer Bucket List

Apparently I should have added CLIMB A TREE to My Bucket List (or at least the hubby thinks so)!

man in tree in florida

And with all this thinking about beautiful weather and sunny skies, I started compiling a list of:



  1. My favorite is blowing bubbles!  Who doesn’t love bubbles?  More importantly, who doesn’t love popping them?  Even though I’m  thirty six older, I still can’t get enough of them especially BUBBLE GUNS!
  2. Are the kids all wound up?  Do they need to burn off some energy?  It’s time to pull out the SIDEWALK CHALK and play some hopscotch!  It’s an oldie but a goodie!
  3. When it’s not sweltering outside, BADMINTON is an all time favorite of mine!  Have an entire crew at the house?  Try volleyball. 
  4. Too hot outside for running and jumping?  No problem.  Kiddie pools to the rescue!  They are so much fun for kids of all ages (even big kids like myself)!  We have a hose that attaches to our kitchen sink so I can fill up our pool with tepid water!  I’m not a big fan of sitting in ice cold water (either is my little one).  We recently bought this SWIM CENTER on Amazon for only $19.99.  What a deal!
  5. An alternative to a kiddie pool is a sprinkler like this cute SUNNY PATCH BLOSSOM SPRINKLER BY MELISSA & DOUG.  It’s the perfect way to stay cool in the hot Summer months!
  6. Feeling hungry? Picnic out!  You don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to.  Set it up in the backyard!  Grab a PICNIC BLANKET & BASKET, some cut up fruit, fresh vegetables (like carrots and celery), cold cuts or peanut butter and jelly, plenty of water, and you’re good to go!  The great thing about picnicking in the backyard is no fancy insulated picnic basket or cooler needed.  You can just run into the house if you need to.  
  7. What about a RING TOSS?  I always used to love this game when I was a kid and I’m not bragging or anything but I used to be pretty darn good at it.  I’m just sayin’!
  8. If the kids are a fan of the ring toss, I’m pretty confident they’ll like the BEAN BAG TOSS too! 
  9. How about a game of FRISBEE?  Even better are these SUPERDISCS!  You can let the older kids compete against each other to see who can throw theirs the furthest.
  10. Lastly, PAPER AIRPLANES!  Do they really need explaining?  C’mon they’re paper airplanes people!  Not sure how to make one?  No worries.  There are plenty of kits out there that show you how!  If you don’t need the entire kit, they have PAPER AIRPLANE BOOKS as well.

Remember, before you take the kids outside, the most important essential: SUNBLOCK.  Oh, and don’t forget these additional items for sun protection:

  • sunglasses
  • sun hats
  • cover-ups

We have to keep our kids safe!  Okay, that’s all I have for you today. 

If you missed my previous post, The Candid Photograph, I hope you’ll check it out (especially if you want to see some adorable pictures of a cutie pie)! 

If you haven’t seen my poll at the top of my page in my sidebar to the right, I sure hope you’ll take a view seconds to vote.  It would really help me out!  If you do, thanks in advance.


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