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My Twin Pregnancy - Week 28

Posted on the 06 March 2013 by Mummysspace @mmeeee
Pop goes my belly button... yes, it has finally popped after weeks and weeks of threatening to do so, I woke up this morning, caught sight of it in the mirror and panicked just a little. It never popped with Ben which I was very pleased about but I just knew that there was no way I'd escape this time with twins in there.
Since my last update I have been getting lots of Braxton Hicks, my bump gets really tight and hard and hurts. I was a little surprised they had started so early but after searching around on Google I came across numerous accounts from pregnant mums-to-be of twins experiencing the exact same at this stage so it's pretty normal. Again, it's something that I never remember happening until right at the end of my singleton pregnancy.
I had my 28 week growth scan and checkup yesterday and I am very happy to say went well. Both babies are growing nicely and their estimated weight is now 2lbs 9oz for twin 1 & 2lbs 12oz for twin 2 which is average for their gestation so I'm happy. Given that Ben was 5lbs 11oz when born, it's pretty mad to think their combined weight is not far off his at birth.
I also found out that the babies have been doing some acrobatics and wriggling about a fair bit as twin 1, the lead twin, is now head down and quite low while twin 2 is breech and curled around his or her brother or sister, a bit ying and yang by the sounds of it. Suddenly all the crazy movements I have been feeling make sense as do the body parts that have been sticking out. Unfortunately I only managed to get one scan picture this time of Twin 2's profile. Given their size now, it's hard to get a photo and as Twin 1 is so low down it was pretty impossible to get anything decent, it didn't help either that Twin 1 was busy hiccuping away (just as he/she is now as I write this). They definitely look like they have grown a lot since the last scan.
As for me, all checks were fine, my blood pressure is a bit low and they took blood so I should get the results of that back soon. The consultant saw my severely inflated feet and ankles and just said to keep them up whenever possible but it's nothing to worry about which is reassuring. She said in someone like me who is quite thin to begin with, they tend to swell more and it's just due to the pressure and the extra weight of the two babies on the various organs and veins. So I'm just going to have to put up with it but if anyone has helpful tips or suggestions on how to help them I'd love to hear.
I also briefly discussed birth options with the consultant and she said as the lead twin is head down I may have the option of a natural birth which is something I am seriously considering. Either way, c-section or natural birth, they won't let them go beyond thirty eight weeks which makes it less that ten weeks to D-day.  Scary excitement has definitely hit me.
Until my next update I leave you with the scan pic of Twin 2...
My Twin Pregnancy - Week 28
...and a bump shot taken today in my lovely new Sleeveless wrap Nursing vest from The Essential One (watch out for a review on The Essential One Maternity range coming soon).
My Twin Pregnancy - Week 28

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