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Posted on the 07 January 2013 by Alka Narula @narulaalka

Few lines  inspired by Bagawad Gita

I questioned myself in ebony,  in dark
Why do I suffer?  
For I have no birth or death,
For me there is no mind, 
there is no bondage or liberation, no good or evil
For I have no name and form. 
Why do I shed tears ?   O my mind, why do you wander about deluded, like an unclean spirit? 
Why cant I Behold the Self indivisible. 
And be happy through renunciation of attachment.   when I know my verily is Truth,
devoid of change, motionless, one, of the nature of freedom.   
Why do I suffer, seeking the objects of desires?   When all the scriptures say that
 " The Truth is without attributes, pure, immutable,bodiless, and existing equally everywhere ".

I cut off the five - selfishness, doubt, wrong austerities and rites, lust, hate;
threw off the five - desire to be born with a body, or without a body, self-will,  restlessness, ignorance '
   I roused myself by My Self; trained myself by My Self.  Under the shelter 
of My Self, and live in supreme joy,   have gone beyond the illusion of Samsara,  the muddy road of transmigration so difficult to pass;  I have crossed to the other shore and,am free from doubts and temporal desires,
I cherish five - faith, watchfulness, energy, contemplation, vision.
 Have broken the five fetters - lust, hate, delusion,
pride, false views  have reached the deep contemplation  and I feel the joy of NIRVANA !

copyright(c)alka narula
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