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Not a Deja Vu....

Posted on the 19 March 2011 by Penfriendly
As I leave today for Lucknow, to my Nani's place(kind of the story of every summer vacation)..I realize a part of me doesn't wanna leave Jaipur.
Yesterday, as I strolled through the markets I thought I am really gonna miss all this.... miss strolling the streets(like I do that a lot..but atleast I can when I feel like!) and Mc D (obviously there's one in Lucknow too) but the thing is it's Jaipur's Mc Ds that I am damn used too now....I know exactly where the entry and exit doors lie...what's the seating arrangement like...which spot I'd like to choose to sit....and I KNOW WHAT I'LL ORDER!!
Yesterday only, I wanted to eat something....something well inexplicable...(except roti, daal ofcourse!!) but something....that'd be tasty, may be spicy or salty or sweet......can't describe...but something....
While we were at Sodhani Sweets, I wanted to have that moti choor ka orange laddu(which I never would eat too much ever when it paid a visit to my house), then that "mawa" that I love, this khoye ki barfi with that sugar coating on it, wanted to try a small gulab jamun and small rasgulla all that lay drenched in chashni under the lid in those big bowls..was thinking if the shopkeeper would let me take 1 piece of each sweetmeat...:)
I wanted to eat "besan ka something"...which I did :)
and I wanted to eat that namkeen that I like but hadn't had it for a very long time but wanted to right there and then....
Wanted to have lassi(with malai....yummmmm), kachori (pyaaz wali).....and Kanji's naariyal barfi...that white one....:)...so soft and just awesome!!(the barfi obviously)!
As if the world would end the next day and this is my last and only chance to have what I want to....
In Mc D these days, strawberry shake's not available sadly and that felt bad too may be because I remember Lucknow Mc Ds don't offer shakes!
I wanted to try every new lounge in the city, every new restaurant, every new hang out spot.....
just do it all in one go.....wanted to have LMB's vanilla ice-cream....yummm!!
It's weird and happening kinda for the first time....
and all "feelings" related to food...
may be I am falling in love with Jaipur..hahaha...it's high time now!!
or may be I am just a petu!!
A TOTAL FOODIE who knows it'll be somedays before I get to resume my "old" eating habits again!

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