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Oops: When People Find Out I Blogged About Them

Posted on the 22 October 2012 by Daralaine @daralaine

So you can just color me uncomfortable because as luck would have it, when you put a blog on the internet anyone can read it- including, and especially the people you might have written about. Particularly, if you always post about your blog on Facebook, and then your friends post about your blog on Facebook, which is really just solid marketing, until it turns out that your subject in question is just one Facebook friend removed from you.

See: The Compulsive Bike Stealer.

Last night I got a new comment on that post…..
Oops: When People Find Out I Blogged About ThemI mean, he called me “pretty lady” so he doesn’t seem that mad about it…

Meanwhile, on Facebook:

Oops: When People Find Out I Blogged About ThemThat comment was from our subject.


But really, at this point both his cousin and the Bike Stealer himself outed his identity for anyone on Facebook, so it’s hard to feel guilty about a little story told ’round the internet through Gallery Girls stills and Wayne’s World clips.

Now I just sit and wait for the day when this all catches up to me and I never get a date again because guys are afraid I will blog about them. But I won’t blog about you if you don’t do anything weird. I think we can all agree that’s fair? I mean c’mon you guys!!! He stole bikes!! What was I supposed to DO?!

Plus, for all the guys I have written about, there’s a handful more that are even weirder that you’ll never even read about.


I’m just giving it a few years until they all forget who I am and then I’ll probably write a book or something.

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