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OPP! (other People's Projects)

Posted on the 19 May 2013 by Scarffaces @scarfffaces
eee I love it when people make the knitting projects that I design! Laurie and Shawna found my braided headband pattern on ravelry. Here they are!
OPP! (other people's projects) I love the yarn that Laurie chose! 
OPP! (other people's projects) Shawna aka heartcallah made a lovely reddish pink headband!
Meanwhile, Lily made her very own acid cat ears and blogged about it at Hot Pocket of Delight! OPP! (other people's projects)
OPP! (other people's projects)
too cute! I love them all! If you've made one of my patterns I would LOVE to see a pic! Send to [email protected]

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