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Our Fathers Are Brothers and Our Mothers Are sisters.What is Our Relationship Then?

Posted on the 02 April 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco

Dimaano - Oyco boys

Dimaano - Oyco boys

Have you ever known of anyone that is in the same situation as we do? I am trying to look for some answers in the internet and I hope I found the perfect answer to this question. Obviously, this case of family relationship is unusual so finding more about it is so interesting to me. I even came to a point of doing math to calculate the DNA transfer percentage to fully explain the situation (excluding the deeper genetics regarding the chromosomes part and the other mutation probabilities haha!). Well, are you curious too about what do we call this? Let's know some history first and breakdown a number of factors..
The Story
We have known each other as cousins since birth and haven't yet checked any other details regarding it since it is not normal to so lol. Just recently while talking about random stuffs with each other, a point was raised that given both our parents were siblings a question popped out that "Hey, what do specific relationship do we have then?" So after that, a lot of follow-up questions were formed and related situations brought up.
The Similarities
Both our side and theirs have 3 male siblings and had one miscarriage incident that was most likely males as well. Our ages are close enough to each other that each sibling has his match to the other. There were some instances also that we were mistakenly identified as the brother of our "cousins".
The Probabilities
Literally speaking we have the relationship of less than brothers but more than cousins. But what do we call that? Or what category does it belong to the closest if it has no specific relationship name. Let us bring in the probabilities:
1. Identical twins share the same DNA at 100%2. Parents/Siblings share the same DNA at about 50%3. Grandparents/Child, uncle/aunt, nephew/niece and half siblings share the same DNA at about 25%4. 1st cousins share the same DNA at about 12.5%[and so on..]
Where do we fit
Doing that math in advance, of course we cannot surpass the 50% border and I am pretty sure we cannot go lower than the 12.5% minimum too. So does that mean we fall on the 25% automatically?
Then I stumbled on a term what they call "double first cousins" which they say our relationship falls into. To make it simpler for you, since half siblings falls into the 25% bracket, double first cousins have higher chances on getting more similar DNA (chances of mutation) since the source are more familiar. And since we can just approximate everything unless full examinations happen, yes, we fall to the same bracket.. The 25% DNA share.
So as a little challenge to spice things up a bit after knowing more of ourselves, can you tell whose brother is whose in the photo?

Dimaano - Oyco selfie photo

Whose brother is whose challenge

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