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Pebble In The Still Waters – Poetry A Drop In the Ocean

Posted on the 16 April 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Pebble in the Still Waters

has various meanings

and it brings different ideas

in the mind.

You throw a pebble

in the still water

the moment pebble

touches the water

it starts creating ripples

moving inside out

in a way bringing motion

in the stillness

as if triggering life

something that stillness

had been waiting for long

something water had been

praying for ages.

Ripples move like a symphony.

Anything on the surface

starts dancing with the

music of the ripples.

The ripples may silence

after some time,

the water may go still

after some time,

But the pebble

has gone deep down

in the water body.

A small touch,

a little music of silence,

a brief dance,

brings a lifetime acceptance.

As if somebody meets

first time in life,

touches gently creating

music of life.

Even if vanishes thereafter

gives a lifelong


That is the first meaning of

Pebble In The Still Waters.

The moment a drop in the ocean

recognizes her value

it brings a moment of truth.

Pebble lying at the bottom of water

is as still, silent, and motionless

as a prayer.

Water is moving, pebble is not

knowing that the water that is flowing

will never come back to meet

but still sitting silently with an

undying hope.

An unshakable faith in water

and trust in himself.

A drop in the ocean

can lose her identity

and become a part of the ocean

or evaporate

leaving the ocean.

Pebble In The Still Waters – Poetry A Drop In the OceanPhoto credit: MattiaMc via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Pebble In The Still Waters

Ocean knows, someday or the other

the drop will come back

in the form of rain.

Though ocean never knows

where the drop is gone

after evaporation.

Water knows very well,

the pebble

resting at the bottom

is difficult to move,

though not impossible.

But it is impossible to

bring back the same pebble

to the surface.

That is the difference

between a drop in the ocean

and Pebble in the still waters.

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