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Platelet Donor Online Community Debuts #TrackTheBite #SuperHitDonor

Posted on the 11 July 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Save lives of dengue patients. Become a platelet donor. This is about a helpline that aims to save lives of dengue patients. Now you can dial to get platelets from the first ever platelets bank in India. A great initiative by Apollo hospital and Hit. As we know the Hit brand comes from Godrej. The duo Godrej and Apollo Hospital launch India’s first online platelet bank today. We all know that platelets are a part of our blood. 94 percent of people from a survey know that. 33 percent people know that platelets are not a medicine for dengue. Can they store platelets like blood for 1-2 months in a blood bank? Hardly 19 percent people know that actually, they can’t be. Is platelets transfusion generally advised for dengue patients only when platelet count goes below 50000/ cu. mm.?

Platelet Donor Online Community Debuts #TrackTheBite #SuperHitDonor

Only 6 percent people know that the answer is no. That shows there is a lot of Gap in knowledge and understanding regarding platelets and dengue. This is a great social initiative where every person should become a part of it. The initiative. The world’s deadliest animals are the mosquito, human, and snake. Then comes dog, tsetse fly (sleeping sickness), assassin bug (Chagas disease), the freshwater snail. Godrej has been actively driving citizen awareness since 2012. Dengue has emerged as a serious global threat to public health. In India, dengue cases have been seen as a 4X increase in last 6 years. And this figure is from only reported cases. In actual, there are a lot more unreported cases. In 2010 there were 110 deaths reported which have grown exponentially by now.

Become a Blood Platelets Donor Today

Today dengue has no cure and is treated symptomatically. Platelet transfusion is important to save the life of a critical dengue patient. But there’s a challenge. Unlike blood, they can’t store platelets for more than 5 days. Hence getting a platelet donor on time is critical. Getting a platelet donor on time is the key to saving the life of a critical dengue patient. Hence the need to build a Nationwide platelet donor community. But brand Hit couldn’t have done it alone. That is why they approached Apollo hospital for a partnership that will save lives. But there are barriers to platelet donation. First is the lack of awareness. To educate citizens on the need of becoming a platelet donor to save lives of dengue patients. You must visit the site to register or download the app on your mobile.

Currently the app is available for Android and Apple platforms. In fact, you can also visit the respective app stores to download directly. Where do people register as platelet donor? There is no need to download an app even. Though there’s is an app ‘Hit-Track the bite’. But the simpler way is to go online on Godrej site. Just leave your name, blood group, mobile number, preferred time, city, and pin code. Soon someone will contact you. Call the helpline if you need platelets. The unveiling of the helpline was today. Helpline for Delhi is 011-26825565. Subsequently, each City will have a similar specific helpline number. This means this is a city wise helpline service. An individual can donate platelets every three days. Unlike blood that takes 30/60/90 days to regenerate, platelets have very fast regeneration capacity.

Blood Platelet Helpline for Delhi is 011-26825565

I wish there was a missed call concept to register new donors. There are already 20000 donors who have completed registration online even before the official launch of the community that was today. Do spread the word about India’s first Platelet Donor Online Community #OnlinePlatelet. In fact, register for this social cause #TrackTheBite and become a #SuperHitDonor.

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