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Prince George Gets His Own Baby Annabell Doll

Posted on the 27 May 2015 by Mummysspace @mmeeee
To celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte, Zapf Creation has gifted a very special version of one of their immensely popular Baby Annabell dolls to new big brother, Prince George. It’s no big secret that children can become a little jealous when a new sibling arrives in to any family. Sharing toys, attention and parents is a new concept to little ones, and can take some time getting used to. To help embrace the birth of his new little sister and to prepare for her arrival home, Zapf creation has gifted Prince George with his very own Baby Charlotte doll.
Prince George gets his own Baby Annabell Doll
Mimicking the weight of a real life baby, Baby Annabell is the UK’s number one nurturing doll and with a number of very realistic functions, it’s easy to see why. Baby Annabell’s lifelike features include responding to touch and sounds, crying real tears, giggling, sucking on her bottle or dummy and being gently rocked to sleep.
Zapf Creation Mumbassador, Katy Hill talks about her own experience introducing a new little one to the family: “I got my first child Kaya a Baby Annabell when her new brother, Akira was born as a present for her. It meant she could copy everything I did with him and she didn’t feel left out. As Akira’s grown up, I have encouraged him to play with it too – I think it’s important that boys learn nurturing skills too, dolls shouldn’t be just for girls.”
Baby Annabell is the perfect doll to get Prince George up to speed on baby holding techniques and help have him ready to bottle feed Baby Charlotte in no time!

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