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Roller Coaster in Tehran by Y I Latz – Another Hit Thrill Piece

Posted on the 02 August 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

This is a double bonanza from Y I Latz. Another great thrilling piece Roller Coaster in Tehran soon after finishing I Am Not A Traitor. In fact, Latz style of writing is so engrossing that you will wonder which of the two is better. Rather, it is not wise to compare the two. As both are the master pieces. I feel the author has a superb authority on creating suspenseful and thrillful plots. While I Am Not A Traitor is the story of a chef working with Israeli Navy, the story of the current book under discussion revolved around Dr. Amalia Tavori. It is really amazing to see the art of characterization that is so powerful. All the characters evolve in a natural yet impactful manner.

Roller Coaster in Tehran by Y I Latz – Another Hit Thrill Piece

Dr. Amalia Tavori in Roller Coaster in Tehran is an engineer with an expertise in the rollercoaster. Though she is a mother of three still has no dearth of welcoming adventure. Her life takes a serious turn when she has to join Israeli secret agency Mossad in order to support her husband who is facing a severe economic crisis. As usually happens in secret services, she has to change her identity and move to Tehran. In fact, Tehran is the capital of Iran. And Iran is Israel’s worst enemy. Amalia’s job is to build a world class amusement park in Tehran. But her real job is something entirely different to this. As a matter of fact, she has to disguise her real entity while she is there on this job.

Roller Coaster in Tehran Is Full of Thrill

Roller Coaster in Tehran has a lot of thrilling turns in its story. Amelia is probably on a most dangerous mission of her life. She is not certain about any moment of her life on this mission. Will she survive? Will she be able to meet her secret targets? What will top her priority – her country or her love? Will she be able to come out her conflict? It is interesting and intriguing. You just need to grab a copy of Roller Coaster in Tehran to know all this and become part of this suspenseful thrilling plot.

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