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Posted on the 20 May 2012 by Janedoemartini @janedoemartini
So I had a hectic day at work and decided to come home, curl up with Bruno and watched TV with my grandma. Grandma is a big hockey fan so that was on TV and Russia was playing against Finland. I was beginning to doze off when grandma chirped in; "Can you read those billboards?? What do their jerseys say?" 
Russian....Hockey?Russian....Hockey?I woke up from my doze and began reading out jersey names, banners in the crowd and billboard signs in Russian. I gave a thorough explanation to my grandma things like how the "B" is really a "Veh" and a "C" is really an "Ess" and a backwards N is "ee". Before I knew it, I was showing her the whole alphabet and I must say. I felt rather proud of myself; granted, all I explained to her as the alphabet but it was a little accomplishment for me. Now my next accomplishment? Trying to make more sense of the hard/soft sounds!Russian....Hockey?

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