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Seeing Ella Grace Denton’s World Through “We Need to Live More”

Posted on the 25 March 2015 by Arwinkim

There have been several number of my favorite bloggers that I like to be an inspiration for my writings. One of them to mention, is Ella Grace Denton that I found through searching in Google about turmeric facial mask to remove bumps on my face and I ended up in her blog “We Need to Live More” and surprisingly she is girlfriend to Jack Harries, a famous vlogger from UK.

ella grace denton

This beautiful girl does not write a lot though to date at least. She is a vegan, no wonder she writes about green recipes with DIY (Do-it-Yourself) for her readers. Besides, she also shares about her traveling adventure without longer article, but only awesome photos. You want to know her private life? You may find it in the Personal section. Well, I like reading her article that is philosophy related thoughts.

Her style just reminds of Àstrid Bergès who plays Sofi in I Origins (2014). Compare them yourself. They have the same heterchromia eyes, hairstyles, and they are philosophical person.

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