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Simbang Gabi -Day1

Posted on the 16 December 2011 by Nhing

Simbang Gabi -Day1

St. Joseph Parish Altar

"Simbang Gabi"is a traditionalFilipino ritual which is a nine (9) days novena that symbolizes the nine months conceiving of the Blessed Virgin Mary and culminates with the "Misa de Gallo" on Christmas Eve for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.  There's also a traditional belief that completing the nine days mass will grant our life wishes.
Day1 starts on December 16 wherein everyone sacrifices to wake up early dawn and gathered in church along with their family & loved ones.Thank God! I was able to attend today's mass... kinda determined to finish the nine days ritual.  For the record, I haven't completed "Simbang Gabi" ever in my life.  I'm not a morning person really.  So where the drive coming from?? Maybe, I learned more of life this year that I have to thanked for.  I've got a lot of blessings, Ooops! not in terms of money coz I'm still praying for that! (kidding).  In short, it has been a good year for me & my family.  Certainly, its a great start for a Change.  A Better Me.
The mass started 4:00am and lasted up to 5:00am.  As expected, a huge number of church-goers were present on this 1st day, hopefully it'll goes the same 'til the 9th day.  There were no more available seats when we arrive.  I was standing at  the rear back outside portion of the church and my sister brought one portable chair for her cramps sake! haha..  I've sighted few of our neighbors with their families also.  Good thing they've installed an LCD monitor for the comfort of everyone outside to hear the whole mass proper.My 1st day was a success! 8days to GO! yooHooo! 

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