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Simbang Gabi -Day2

Posted on the 17 December 2011 by Nhing
Saturday... A rainy day! The hardest way to get up ...felt like my soul is left on my bed K.  But not until my mom & my sister arose from sleep, two sort of loud people.. who wouldn't be awakened by their voices.  It's a cold and misty walk going to church.  The beautiful view of the light posts on our streets suddenly caught my interest.  Imagination now Begins...

Simbang Gabi -Day2

Looks like a UFO J

Simbang Gabi -Day2

IOoops! Its gonna land.

Haha..sudden rain showers drives me crazy! And it blew away my drowsy feeling. We tried to get inside the church no matter what, so we won't get wet out in the rain. We got a place on the left side upstairs wherein we found a nice full view of the altar.  Before us, five steps away were the church choir.  Mostly composed of teens I presume average 13-16yrs old of age.  Adjacent to them is where the videographer is located. There were church servants also who took control for the flow of people or any unusual situation like kids frequently loitering over seats.  I've noticed they scheduled different priest, choir, and members everyday to led the mass.
Day 2 Accomplished! 7days more.

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