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Suddenly, This Blog Traffic Dropped

Posted on the 03 November 2015 by Arwinkim
I have no idea why this blog traffic sudddenly dropped today, that usually it could generate traffic over local 100 visitors from Indonesia everyday, but as I just checked the stats in the dashboard there were not more than 50 visitors.
Suddenly, this blog traffic dropped
I must admit that this blog is not opmized to chase after traffic using what so-called SEO because I never intend to monetize it. And, all posts here are totally written to improve my English writing skill only.
But, I am still wondering why this sudden? Well, it's worth to think. The only thing that I can put on suspicously that caused this dropped traffic because I posted an article about free ebook download that contained link to a survey website without shrinking it. It's totally naked as you can see here:
And, because of that, I guess Google might have considered that this blog is spam and its position in SERP have been taken by other blogs for certain keywords. As a SEO learner, of course I think this is also a metric from Google, while there are a hundreds of them.

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