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Take It to the Next Level! Blog Business Cards from

Posted on the 19 June 2014 by Genzelkisses

A few months ago, I checked my Klout account. I actually have forgotten that I signed up there and I was so surprised to see that I got klout scores? Honestly, until now, I’m still figuring out how to properly use the site. Anyway, so I got scores because people liked the stuff that I share in there (that I don’t even know how my social sites are automatically posting) and I was entitled for Klout Perks! Oh yes!!! One of them is a free box of 50 customized business cards via

If you haven’t heard about, it’s a site where you can instantly design your own business cards. There are ready-made templates as well that you can use. They will print it for you and deliver right at your doorsteps. How awesome right? Let’s see how my blog business cards turned out!

Take it to the next level! Blog Business Cards from

I’m not sure with the total price for a box of 50 cards since I only paid around $4 for the shipping fee so that’s more or less P170.00 only for shipping. It comes in this super sturdy black card box which is also simply sophisticated to display on your working table or even carry with you in business meetings.

Take it to the next level! Blog Business Cards from

It also comes with two dividers, “Mine” and Theirs” so you can segregate your cards. This is helpful if you’ll be attending a meeting or event and prepare enough number of cards that you will distribute to your prospective clients.

Take it to the next level! Blog Business Cards from

TADA! Here’s my simple blog business card design!

In front I just put all the necessary details such as my name, contact info, and social media sites I’m into plus of course, don’t forget your blog logo, it’s your identity. At the back, you can put a photo or your QR Code. I decided to have one of my favorite Instagram (@genzelkisses) photos. Remember this photo? It’s my winning entry in a giveaway which I blogged about the prizes that I got here. And since this is a Klout perk, their logo cannot be removed but I don’t mind, it’s still cute right? :D

Take it to the next level! Blog Business Cards from

Oh by the way, I so love the quality of the cards. They are all printed in premium quality paper plus the print of the photos and details are all clear. It’s also nice to know that they help conserve the environment by recycling materials they use for their products.

Take it to the next level! Blog Business Cards from

Each card is thick and looks very professional. That stack has 49 cards + the one laying on the table, (exact 50 cards/box) so you know how thick it would be. I remember ordering a box of 100 cards from a local shop before and I only received 98 pcs., boo!

I actually reserve this for special events or meetings since I still have my old business cards to give first. So, is it really necessary to have blog business cards? YES, especially if you want to establish your site as a potential source of income or to grow your network. It is also a way to take your blog to the next level and be more professional with the brands or clients you are working with, and you will be working with.

Let’s connect on Klout! You can find me here:
Like I said, I’m still a newbie there so if you happen to know more about Klout, please share your knowledge here and let’s grow all together! ^_^

You can customize your own business cards at too! Enjoy 10% discount on your first order here.

Do you already have your own blog business cards? How do you make them?

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