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That Dirty Man Wants Back

Posted on the 02 December 2013 by Arwinkim

My family had been missing a figure of a father for all these last 2 years, because he was choosing to marry another dirty old woman, who had several ex husbands. This is so shameful to tell here but, there is nothing else I can write on. Well then…

He is now at his close friend’s house, about only 20 minutes riding motorcycle from my house. He and my brother just arrived last night. My brother arrived at home, but he didn’t, because he needed advice from his friend before he came here. What a jerk!

I actually hate him after he left my mother with awful desperation, but my mother kindly still wants to open her hand for him to return. Huh… 

Ever since I was a child, what he did was only sucking my mother’s money, because he earned less and…. gambled. I dunno if he is still doing it until now. However, I believe he cannot quit gambling because as well as I know, gambling is addictive. It’s just like drug, it takes years of affirmation and awareness to quit.

Sometimes, my mother told me to accept his intention to come back, but I answered NO. What I got, she only advised me with the same old words over and over again: “He is your father….”

I don’t want to be an disobedient son, like or not I have to accept it and try to understand him. Again?

Shortly, he will come, I don’t know how to behave.

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