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The Carrot Soap Craze

Posted on the 22 June 2013 by Yhenbarron @yhenbarron
Carrot Soap has been popular nowadays all over the social networking sites and online markets.
Carrot soap promises a lighter, acne-free skin. It usually contains carrot extract and beta carotene, known as an anti-oxidant and for its anti-ageing properties.
So, to participate in this carrot soap craze, teehee, I bought Organic Carrot by SkinLight, when me and my daughter went to 7-11.
It costs 53 pesos for 2 pieces of 60g bar soap.

The Carrot Soap Craze

Organic Carrot by SkinLight

I started using it last June 18, 2013. I usually take a bath 2-3 times a day and I use this soap for my whole body and face. What I noticed is, my face is not that oily anymore. It is also not as skin-drying and as harsh as Kojic Soap. I'm a kojic user since last year and it really dries my skin. The bar doesn't also melt easily. It's kinda hard unlike Kojic Soap of Beauche and Kojie-San which really melts easily.
In 4 days of using it, that's all I can say for now. I  will update you after 12 more days or so.The Carrot Soap Craze
The Carrot Soap Craze
The Carrot Soap Craze

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By Emily More-Almeda Buch
posted on 22 April at 06:49

Hello po, San po nabibili and carrot soup na Ito? Maraming Salamat po.