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The Day the Twins Came Home

Posted on the 02 May 2017 by Mummysspace @mmeeee
I remember the day so well. The two weeks previous had been a hellish battle of conflicting feelings and emotions, happy the twins had arrived safely and wanting to be by their sides in hospital but missing Ben at home so so much. The worry that our tiny little twins weren't getting big enough, fast enough to escape from the confines of their incubators and then their plastic cots. I was sick of being told the basics of baby care like the correct way to change a nappy by abrupt, overworked nurses. That beeping noise of monitors and crying of unattended babies in SCBU, the stinging of the sanitising gel following the never ending hand washing. I was adamant breastfeeding was best for us, yet faced the whole "it's easier to keep to timed intervals with bottles". I had had enough and was very ready to take my twins home. I knew it was where they would flourish and grow and was so relieved when one lovely member of the home visit team backed me up and convinced the doctors we were good to go.
I remember the excitement of dressing them in their little baby grows and putting them in their car seats for the journey home, they looked so tiny especially our little 3lb Zoey "Bean". I couldn't wait for Ben to have his little brother and sister back where they should be, our family finally together all under one roof. We could at last, properly start our beautiful, crazy, hectic and wonderful adventure together. 
The Day the Twins Came Home
I had forgotten just how tiny they once were until Timehop reminded me today.
The Day the Twins Came Home
Wow, four years really have gone fast!

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