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The End

Posted on the 10 March 2013 by Alka Narula @narulaalka

Animated Nature Few lines inspired by Bhagwad Gita about the ultimate truth of life , please read on 

My journey on a road That I know will end 
Though I may not hear the knock Do I fear my end Do I care whether I will erode with dust Or will be rendered to flames Do I fear the tears that would roll Or do I care who would laugh Do I care whether I will go Before I accomplish my tasks My delusions about the Self Came to an end When I heard him roar When he said 'Why do you worship when you know You have no control You have to live with pre determined destiny that I wrote Before you took your first breath So is your last breath in my control Take my advice don't try to hold on your guise That is composed of  five elements , And the elements are bound to erode They don't last The very Self is the supreme Truth.
There is neither injury nor non injury in It.
The only homogeneous Reality is your spirit
It is  pure, bodiless and is imperishable
Your spirit is the only priceless gift that is yours
That I allow in my regime !"
Copyright ©2012alkanarula
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